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taskmind iPad iPhone

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taskmind iPad iPhone

taskmind iPad iPhone

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Binding instead of unreliable

When the ball comes, everyone jumps or no-one jumps. If the team members don’t speak to one another then everyone completes the task or no-one completes it.

As a result tasks are:

  • not completed.
  • duplicated.
  • done too late.
Only when the requester and worker are in agreement can the responsibility for the task be handed over – and at that stage bindingly with a handshake.

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With taskmind you can create clear areas of responsibility by:

  1. Assigning a task to a person
  2. This person
    1. accepts (and as a result it’s definitely done by the due date).
    2. rejects (and doesn’t ignore the task).
  3. In the case of 2b you can immediately give the task to someone else.