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taskmind iPad iPhone

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taskmind iPad iPhone

taskmind iPad iPhone

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Done instead of left lying around

Incomplete stuff doesn’t get done by itself – the pile of work keeps growing until it kills someone.

Tasks get left lying because

  • I’ve forgotten them already before they’ve been noted.
  • They’re not urgent yet and I keep putting them off.
  • I don’t find time to take care of my tasks.
  • I don’t have an overview anymore of what is already completed and what is not yet completed.

taskmind brings order to chaos because you can

  • note tasks quickly and easily in a list.
  • immediately assign priority, due date and responsibility.
  • tick off each task as soon as it is done.
  • see everything at a glance.
taskmind clears up the mountain of work and creates transparency. With each completed task that you tick off you can pat yourself and your team on the shoulder.

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