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taskmind iPad iPhone

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taskmind iPad iPhone

taskmind iPad iPhone

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Everywhere instead of only at your desk

Only sticklers for red tape hole up in a cubbyhole.

More and more, team members are geographically dispersed or on the go a lot. As a result, contact between colleagues as well as information flow suffers. Important information gets lost or has to be communicated more than once.

taskmind connects team members no matter where they currently are. In realtime.

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Use taskmind:

  • Using taskmind, people can work together even if they are not all at the same physical location.
  • taskmind works across organizational boundaries.
  • taskmind can also connect in people on a e-mail basis.
  • Team members can access taskmind from everywhere, via the internet, via the iPhone etc.
  • Despite being geographically distributed, everyone can see the current status of a task.