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In the flow instead of distracted

„My favorite place to work is on the train. Nobody disturbs me there.“

Sound familiar …? The telephone rings, a new e-mail lands in your inbox, a colleague has an urgent question, … the workflow is constantly interrupted.

When you divide up individual steps between several people, it results in waiting times e.g. because someone doesn’t have time right now or didn’t understand something and needs more information.

What can you do about it?

taskmind displays whether a person is currently logged in. Apart from that, it is also visible which tasks are assigned to this person, who has time right now and who doesn’t.

You can note questions directly in a task. The other person gets an instant notification about the new note. In this way, problems are solved quickly and waiting times are shortened.

taskmind also supports the processing of task chains like in a relay race:

  • The relay runner must be able to run as quickly as possible.
  • No time should be lost when handing over the baton.

The status of the current relay runner becomes clear in taskmind. As a result, it is clear when the baton handover occurs, idle times are reduced and the goal is reached more quickly.

taskmind gives your team a good perspective and helps every team member to work in flow. Consequently, everyone is finished earlier with their own task and task chains are rapidly processed.

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