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Das Wichtige zuerst statt alles ein bisschen

The most important things first instead of a bit of everthing

Autopilot belongs in the airplane and not in the office:

Open e-mail – read – answer, Open e-mail – read – answer, …

Usually we process e-mails one after the other in order, irrespective of whether they are important or urgent.

This way is better:

  1. At the beginning of the day, think about which tasks are important and what is particularly urgent (see Hurst 2007).
  2. Prioritize the tasks and put them on a list.
  3. Process this list and only react to important interruptions.

What do I get from this:

  • The important things get the necessary time and attention.
  • The urgent things are completed on time.
  • I don’t lose much time to unnecessary interruptions.
  • At the end of the day, I see what I have achieved.
  • I don’t try to take on more work than I can finish.
taskmind supports a concentrated and productive way of working. With time, you can rely on the important tasks being done on time and with good quality.

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