Information instead of a flood of data

Overfull e-mail inboxes should belong to the past (see Song et. al, 2007).

How does an e-mail turn into a flood?

  • Many e-mails go to mailing lists
  • Many e-mails, as well as going to the addressee, also go to others as CCs and also to many more.
  • Questions and status information are often sent back by e-mail to the whole mailing list.
taskmind makes the task the center of attention. Everything that you need to complete the task can be found directly in the task. taskmind helps you formulate the task more clearly, more concisely and more understandably – as a result everyone in the team achieves more and the whole team becomes more productive.

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With taskmind you escape the data flood:

  • Tasks are not sent to every team member, but rather centrally stored and are visible there for all team members.
  • Tasks only go to the involved persons (requester – worker).
  • Tasks contain the progress, notes and attachments:
  • Tasks can be handed over (from one worker to the next).
  • Tasks, appointments and files are integrated into projects – everyone knows where he or she should store things.