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Relay race instead of endurance race

„Animals living in a natural environment don’t suffer from burnout syndrome“ (Kellner, 2010). However, people do – among other reasons, because they speed up in case of doubt but can’t sustain that pace.

Most people work on too many things in parallel, with changing priorites and constantly under stress:

  • „Destructive multi-tasking“ – Employess switch to and fro between tasks.
  • There is no buffer any more when it gets to a critical stage – employess don’t have free capacity any more and delays result.
  • The team can’t see the common goal any more because they are too busy running.
With taskmind, teams can work through task chains using the principle of the relay race. The relay runner is visible to all, just as the whole process is also visible to all. Consequently, you can recognise early whether delays are a threat or whether someone needs support. In this way, the team reaches its goal more quickly.

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The relay race is better than the endurance race:

(see Lörz/Techt, 2007)

  • When you have the baton in your hand, you have to run as quickly as possible, without distraction and with full concentration.
  • Nobody should distract or hinder the relay runner – obstactles should be cleared out of his or her way.
  • When the runner is finished his or her leg, the baton must be handed over as quickly as possible – the next runner must be ready.
    Now you can take a breather.
  • So the handover of the baton is successful, it has to be clear for the participants when it will take place, i.e. how long the current runner will need to finish his or her current task.