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Visible instead of isolated

Blockades, excuses, and duplicate work should be a thing of the past.

When people work together on tasks, the following questions arise:

  • Who is doing what? What can I take on?
  • How much progress has my colleague already made? Where can I continue?
  • What is the most current version?
  • What is finished and what is still missing?
taskmind has the effect that the individual team members can use their time better. The progress is not held up by blockades and less unnecessary stuff happens.

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taskmind helps you:

  • When everyone knows where tasks, appointments and documents should be stored, then they can also be found again.
  • When tasks, appointments and documents are stored centrally they are always current.
  • There are no outdated assumptions any more – consequently less unnecessary work.
  • Every team member always has access – consequently things can continue even during the summer holiday months.
  • Everyone has access from everywhere – consequently you can also work when you are on the go.