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NEW taskmind for Android!

taskmind iPad iPhone

taskmind iPad iPhone

taskmind for iPhone & iPad!

taskmind iPad iPhone

taskmind iPad iPhone

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You can also use taskmind as standalone application on your desktop or on your iPhone/iPad:

taskmind for your iPhone & iPad

Use taskmind on your iPhone and stay in contact with your colleagues no matter where they are.

Now with voice recording feature!

taskmind Desktop

Use taskmind without a browser

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Integrate taskmind in your application or use application data in taskmind.

Do you need a plugin for your certain application? Contact aus

taskmind & celum IMAGINE

Add your assets to taskmind tasks and share it with your team.

taskmind for celum IMAGINE

taskmind & SAP

This plugin will integrate taskmind features into SAP.

taskmind for SAP